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Sport Trophies
Posted on 02.24.12 by itscrazydelicious @

When it comes to sports you know at the end of the season there are the sport trophies that everyone gets. Now, when I was little only the team that won would get the trophy and the awards. But these days everyone has to get something because you do not want to make someone feel bad about losing. I don’t know about that. I think it is ok to know that there is going to be a winner and there is going to be a loser. And teach them the importance of the game and having fun. Everyone getting a trophy is a waste of money in my opinion.

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Curt Trailer Hitches
Posted on 07.27.11 by itscrazydelicious @

I love this time of the year and although the economy is not all that great and it is very hard to find or justify the money on spending for a family vacation – you can have a lot of fun just hitching that trailer to the back of your pickup and heading out to explore the land. The curt trailer hitches are great and camping can make for a great vacation especially if you have younger kids…they just think it is great. My best friend had 6 kids in her family and that is all that they could afford to do and they loved that 2 weeks of camping they did every single year!

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Basketball Knee Support
Posted on 06.21.11 by itscrazydelicious @

When it comes to sports you of course want to make sure that your health is up to par. You want to have your joints and limbs moving as they should without any sort of pain. And sometimes when you get older you have to take a few precautions so that you don’t hurt yourself like a basketball knee support. I have seen them on young kids, professionals as well as that older guy just playing a pickup game. They are quite common and if they prevent injury then it is work getting.

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Industrial Pumps Needed
Posted on 05.03.11 by itscrazydelicious @

My brother in law was on the committee at his country club…I know….for helping to maintain the pools. And what they needed was industrial pumps to better the quality of the water. And if you have a spa you may need an industrial pump to make things work better as well. You do not just want to rely on just anything. Put in the money to help keep in running the way that it should so you don’t have to fix things later on!

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Bushnell Rifle Scopes
Posted on 02.28.11 by itscrazydelicious @

When it comes to hunting you want to be sure that you have the right equipment and there are so things to think of like the bushnell rifle scopes that are out there. What I don’t get is that people still hunt in areas that were once acres of woods but are now just miles from houses. And the town’s do not do anything about it. There is something not right with being woken up in the early morning hours to gun shots in the very near distance with people hunting for turkey and small game.

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